A Question from musician Andy Murray

Ok so I have a question dear friends !
I am really curious about how people relate to us musicians and artists. It is harder than ever to sell music in this industry for lots of reasons..
And I see sites like the one I joined below appearing all the time as ways for us musicians and artists to continue to be full time at our craft.

So in relation the link here .I am looking for feedback.
If you gave me a $1 a month or whatever amount you felt like . What would you expect in return?
Bearing in mind an album costs about £10 to buy..
If instead of getting a one off album your were to get continuous music every week or month.. What would you expect from an artist if you were paying £1 a month?
Would you in fact pay £1 a month or more? - Is it a good idea? - Is it too much hassle to even look at these sites?

If you check out the site I am on (link) . Give me your honest feedback on things I could have on it etc..
I intend being extremely creative this year. In fact I am making videos of new songs and I will be posting them on my FB and generally using FB to put myself out there as the musician and song writer that I aspire to be .

I realised recently that I hide that part of myself too much..
So for any of you guys who do actually like my music and my guitar playing and even my dumb cheesy sense of humour then I am about to be very proactive and creative!

Something happened recently and I don’t feel scared to share any more.. Why was I ever scared you may ask? Ah well that is a tale I will share soon!
Thanks for your help and support.. here is the web site ..
PLEASE DONT JUST LIKE .. I value your comments !



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