Electro Rock Surf!

 It’s been quite a fun couple of weeks, in the studio. It is hard to find time but when we do it is fulfilling. Previously we would walk in with the strategy of having a song lyrics prepares etc and then record the foundation and build it up. However this time around we all take it in turns to come up with a riff, groove, idea etc and we record the foundation of the song in the one night.

Working to this “fun” type of pressure is a great exercise as our goal is to leave the night with a useful recording that can be built on. Only then do we look at the arrangements and then possible vocals lyrics etc.

The last session was fun as I started with a favourite James Brown style drum riff (that’s all). Then Caroline came up with as sweet bass riff for it and then Andy M did his usual magic. The result was our favourite track so far.

It is funny when you get different musicians from various genres and when brought together you get an amazing fusion. Just by chance, we are creating this contemporary electro rock surf sound. Very funky, slick and percussive; I can’t wait to get it out to the public domain.

Samples of new music will be emailed to our guest list when available.  Take care and God Bless. 

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