Knock Me Off My Feet – mp3 album

High quality mp3 downloads – Contains all 10 tracks from the début album, including tracks ‘Knock Me Off My Feet’ and ‘ Dreams Come True’ (original) - Listen and Download Here

Knock Me Off My Feet

This album is a collection of heartfelt, emotional, melodic, ethereal and dreamy songs. Release date 12th May 2009 by Spatial Unity Music

ALBUM REVIEW – Knock Me Off My Feet

A range of styles bursts from this band, from experimental electro-pop/rock dance tunes to acoustic love ballads, and a guitarist that shreds. The vocals create a pop foundation for the entire album to construct a tapestry of varying styles around them. In the vein of Bell X1, and for fans of Snow Patrol and Coldplay.

Track 1. “Knock Me Off My Feet” Definitely some 80s pop new wave influence here, in a new refreshing package. The synth/guitar riff is as catchy as the chorus, and if that doesn’t get you moving, surely you’ll be singing along.

Track 3. “Dream Frequency” Sounding primarily euro-dance influenced, samples explain the meaning behind the title in a narrative style, almost a motivational speaker but more so a theorist. And that theory parallels the experiment behind the thesis of this band. Bouncing delays make this an experience that takes advantage of the oft-overlooked stereo mix. The album also includes a more club-friendly instrumental version that drops most the spoken word samples.

Track 6. “It’s Not Love” Heavy back-beat powers this funky upbeat song about a somewhat comparatively dark subject matter than most of the album’s themes. Beautiful vocal harmonies, and rocking rotary organ accompaniment.

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