1. Knock Me Off My Feet

From the album Knock Me Off My Feet

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knock me off my feet

And when it all comes down to this
A simple kiss oh I know I will miss
Even though you'll be standing right there
There's a loneliness I just can't bare

Give me a sign, throw me a line

I can't eat, I can't sleep
All I know is I'm in too deep
I can't think, I can't speak
Girl you know you, you knock me right off of my feet

Verse 2
I love the way you walk and talk
The way you move the way you groove
I hope you don't go back to you know where
That place to you know who

Bridge / Chorus

Middle Eight
And when I wake up in my bed
You're still dancing in my head
Was it something that I said?
That left you seeing red, left you seeing red

Verse 3
You got a call from way down under
Is he back just to steal my thunder
And maybe one day you'll discover
I could have been your perfect lover

Bridge / Chorus

Words and Music: Andy Murray

Co arranged and produced by Andy Pearce and Andy Murray

Copyright © 2008 Spatial Unity